Ryan Walters is a fifth-generation resident of Anacortes, a former prosecuting attorney, and the most senior member of the City Council. In the last ten years, I've been at the forefront of every successful initiative—to repair our roads and infrastructure, fix our broken zoning code, deploy our new fiber internet service, protect our forestlands and shorelines, and make housing more affordable. Learn More

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We're proud to have the endorsements of so many elected officials, organizations, and community leaders who've worked with Ryan and are familiar with his abilities and character. Contact us to add your name!

5 Priorities for the Next 4 Years

Ryan has detailed plans to address the priorities that matter to Anacortes residents.

Unmatched Experience

With deep roots in the community, as the most senior member of the City Council, and with 14 years as a government attorney and land use professional, there's no one more prepared to serve as mayor of Anacortes. Ryan has:

  • Knowledge of government finance, accounting, and financial regulations
  • Substantial experience with the state Growth Management Act
  • Written key pieces of the Anacortes Municipal Code
  • Built relationships with officials in other cities, Skagit County, and the state Legislature

Values You Can Trust

Ryan strongly believes that:

  • Anacortes is inclusive, welcoming, and compassionate and the City should defend those values
  • The City doesn't have all the answers, and decisions are improved by more opinions and discussion
  • Residents have the right to demand a high level of service from their government
  • Policy should be based on what works, not what we'd like to work
  • Tax dollars ought to be spent wisely or returned to the taxpayers
  • Government should be upfront, fair, honest, and transparent

“Again and again, I've seen Ryan quickly master complex problems for which he offers straightforward and effective solutions. Ryan will be a terrific mayor who will continue to make Anacortes a great place to live.”

Former City Councilmember Eric Johnson


Leadership and Results

Voters should expect results, not ideology. No other candidate has a better record of delivering results. Ryan will provide the leadership to deliver real progress on the capital projects that matter to our community:

  • the Guemes Channel Trail (funded by grants and private donations)
  • the proposed teen center and new skateboard park (both funded by private donations)
  • the proposed events center to replace the Transit Shed (funded by otherwise-restricted lodging tax revenue)
  • the third fire station that's critical for medical response times
  • finally addressing the seismically vulnerable City Hall building
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