Ryan has achieved real accomplishments in his time on the City Council for the benefit of the people of Anacortes. Ryan will bring a strong background in local government and municipal law to the mayor's office, which will help solve problems, improve performance, and avoid expensive unforced errors.

Skills and Experience

Contracts, resolutions, ordinances, and budgets—these are the documents the City uses to accomplish its business. Ryan has the skills, honed from his years as a government attorney and land use professional to continue improving the City's code and processes.

Ryan is, in my opinion, the hardest working and most knowledgeable member on the city council...a quick study who looks at complex issues, determines the key elements needing resolution, and proposes effective solutions. We need Ryan to continue as a councilmember who will continue to look out for the best interests of our community.

—Councilmember Eric Johnson


Since his first campaign in 2011, Ryan has worked to protect residential neighborhoods from incompatible conditional uses, invigorate the City's downtown, and improve communication for better government.

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