Ryan's family has lived, worked, and served in Anacortes for five generations—in the mills and canneries, for the state ferries and the school district, for the City and in their own small businesses.

Ryan's great grandfather worked for the City water department as a meter reader and built their house on L Ave that still stands today, after a complete refurbishment. Their son Carl (Ryan’s great uncle) worked at the canneries; his collection of salmon can labels now decorates our downtown trashcans.

Ryan's grandparents met at the Whidbey dance hall when his grandmother Adela was working as a bookkeeper at NAS Whidbey and his grandfather Charlie was an Army machine gun specialist at Fort Casey. They married in 1945. After the war, Charlie worked at the Scott paper mill, famously surviving the "Christmas Miracle" collapse of the digester scaffolding in 1955, and played on the Scott Paper bowling team.

Ryan's father Randy worked at the Anacortes Veneer plywood mill followed by the state ferry terminal, where he worked for 42 years and met his future wife Cyndi. While Ryan's uncle Tim began a long career at Shell Refinery after his Air Force service, Randy and his brother Brad started Horizon Satellite & TV in 1984. Horizon is still going strong today, demonstrating that small business can thrive in our city. Ryan's mom Cyndi later spent 22 years working for Anacortes School District.

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