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Diversity and Inclusion

In so many ways, Anacortes finds strength in diversity. A diversity of voices leads to better decisions, and including a greater variety of backgrounds and viewpoints helps create a city that works for everyone. Anacortes is a welcoming and compassionate city, and elected officials should defend those values. I am proud to make this one of my priorities as your mayor.

After some concerning events in our community in 2019, City Councilmembers Moulton, McDougall, and Young drafted a Council resolution embracing the idea that “every person should be measured by the content of their character,” and “rejecting and condemning all acts of racism, harassment, intimidation, and other forms of bullying.”

The resolution was not regulatory; it did not affect anyone’s free speech rights. Instead, it demonstrated leadership on behalf of all those who voted for it—the kind of leadership that we ought to be able to expect in our community—a pledge to stand up in favor of protecting the most vulnerable among us. I worked hard to align the text with the state statutes and adjust and craft language to try to get a unanimous vote in favor of the text.

As mayor, I'll work to ensure diverse viewpoints are represented. It’s particularly dangerous to get caught inside the bubble of City Hall. It’s not enough to put out a broad solicitation for interest—the mayor needs to personally reach out to people across the community to invite them to the table, listen to their concerns, and identify any barriers to their participation.

We also need to ensure City government reflects the best of Anacortes through its employees and hiring practices. A diverse workforce can bring new perspectives and better understanding of the challenges that the people of Anacortes face, and can help City Hall improve performance and provide better customer service.

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